Blow Out: Must have products

For those of you who may not know, I have curly curly hair. So a blow dryer and a brush is my best friend when I want to achieve a sleek look. I used to use the straightener ALL the time in high school and college…and let me tell you it totally damaged my hair! So I made it a point to learn how to blow out my hair…it not only achieves a sleek straight look but also gives it some volume! Well, if you do it right. I wanted to show you some tricks on how to get it perfect, so here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Its a 10: Miracle Leave-in Product (Seriously, a miracle! Love love love)..spray when damp

  2. Kitsch: Rose Gold Plastic Butterfly section off hair

  3. T3 Professional Round Volume Brush 3" is SO important to make sure you are using a ceramic round brush to prevent hair damage!

  4. T3: Cura Hair Dryer.. I never knew there were so many techy things to a blow dryer lol but there really is so much more to them so it’s important to find the right one so you don’t damage your hair. After much internet research, I have come to these recommendations:

    • ionic or tourmaline dryer for thick, frizzy hair. 

    • ceramic or porcelain dryer if you have fine or dry hair.

    • titanium dryer if you have a lot of hair.

  5. OUAI: Hair oil…this product is my absolute favorite! It smooths without making my hair greasy.

  6. OUAI: Texturizing spray…I was hesitant to get this one because I love volume but my hair already has a natural volume but this spray is so much fun! Its the perfect kind of weightless volume.

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