It's been a stormy week for SoCal, which means most of us don't know how to function in the rain and basically just stay home. What is cold weather you guys?! lol I wanted to share some of my favorite candles from  Riddle Oil that I have been using to make my home feel warm and cozy. I think it is super important to use candles in your home to create a certain ambiance. I have them in almost every room! 

 I have been a fan of Riddle Oil candles for quite some time because of their product quality and earthy scents. Each candle is about 7 oz and has a 45 hour burn time. I love that there is no questioning what is in your candle here. They always provide you with the ingredients, 100% Food Grade Coconut, Beeswax, and Riddle Fragrance Oil. All of their products are also organic and artisan crafted, which means you are getting the best of the best. Their philosophy is crazy good. You can tell a lot about a brand by what they believe in and that will reflect in their products. 

"We at Riddle Oil live by this Allow philosophy. We believe in what we are offering the world and hope to inspire you to grace the world with your creative offerings. You are capable of anything you can dream of." -Riddle Oil 

  Right now I have been alternating between Voyeur and Muse, which have been been creating a super warm and inviting environment in my house. When I started using these candles, the most noticeable thing is that that they are not too overpowering and again, just smell super natural. If your curious as to which scent would work best for you, I would recommend that you check out their scent menu. You can tell there is nothing artificial about them. I love your scent is not just a tag line, like I really do love their scent!

You can find their candles and other products by clicking here. Enjoy!