Gift Guide: Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I want to make your shopping a little easier! There arenot one but TWO shopping guides: one for new mamas and one for just mamas! Both guides display super cute gift options that any mother will love!

New Mama Gifts

  1. Slant collections: Champagne Please Bell…so this is a must lol How cute is this bell? I think all moms deserve this one!

  2. Argentino Vivo Mama Necklace

  3. Soludos Mon Amour Smoking Slippers..comfortable and cute for Spring and Summer season ahead. Plus, who has time for laces on their shoes anymore? lol These slide right on!

  4. Plush Pink Jungle PJ Set…comfy and cute PJ’s are EVERYTHING.

  5. Slip for Beauty Sleep: Sleep on the Go Set…for those good slumbers!

  6. Madewell Tote Bag..she’s going to need all the tote bags she can get so make it cute!

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Mama Gifts

  1. Skin Gym: Rose Quartz Workout Set.. this set is great for a mom at any age. These are supposed to help sculpt your face and help with oil absorption.

  2. Madewell: Medium Leather Transport Tote...the perfect size!

  3. Crate & Barrel: Blush Turkish Bath Robe..a quality bath robe is priceless and really under appreciated in my opinion lol These ones from Crate & Barrel are amazing.

  4. La Mer: The Miraculous Glow set..this brand is great for all ages and really worth the cost. This set is such a deal too!

  5. Slip Silk Eye Mask

  6. Fit Bit Versa Smartwatch

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Sabby Michell