Chocolate Banana Protein Shake

Hey babes, good morning! Today I shared my morning shake on the gram and got so many questions about 22 Day Nutrition. I have been using their protein powder for a couple years now and I am a pretty big fan. I have searched everywhere for a really clean and plant based protein powder. If you’re like me, you are pretty sensitive to ingredients, especially in protein powders/ workout supplements. I have tried so many that are on the market and this one is the easiest to integrate into my daily routine because its so natural. It’s a brand that I trust and will easily recommend to all of my friends. Below is my favorite go-top recipe in the mornings. If you want to purchase, 22 Day Nutrition has given me a special discount for all of my friends!

20 % off Code: Sabby

What to put in the blender:

  1. 22 Day Nutrition Protein Powder (chocolate)

  2. Frozen Bananas

  3. Coconut Milk or whatever kind of milk you choose

  4. Coconut granola