Skyspace LA


OUE Skyspace such an experience. It is definitely taking LA to new heights. For those who don't know about it, let me explain...When you first arrive, you check in on the bottom floor of the US Bank building. I pre-purchased our tickets a couple days before. You are still able to purchase your tickets in person but the tickets may be time specific for entrance. Once you enter you are led to elevators that take you to the 56th floor where you and your group can take pictures, see Los Angeles memorabilia, and take a path that leads you to the next elevator. The second elevator will take you to the top, 1,000 ft above ground! There are several open-air observation decks with loungy furniture and cool photo ops... and of course, the slide that everyone has been talking about. The view was amazing. I have never seen LA like that before and I was completely in awe! By the first 10 minutes my height phobia had kicked in but I didn't care much because it was just too cool. I wasn't going to ride the slide but I figured "yolo" at that point lol So the slide that I keep referring to is a 45-foot all glass slide! You take a mat down the slide which makes the ride like 5 seconds long. It went by super fast and I am totally glad I did it. Also, I want to mention that there is a bar up there called Skyspace Bar. Once you've gotten enough of this view, you head back down and land in the gift shop where they have your photos. I have been to Los Angeles countless times but have never seen the city like this EVER. I highly recommend it, even for locals.